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Here at Wealthmax, we know how important it is for various individuals to have an adequate pension system set in place, coming to retirement age making any adjustments. Our team specialises in helping people by creating the perfect solutions for pension schemes; This may include preparation for retirement or restructuring current schemes.

Disclaimer: We provide restricted advice services for Pensions & Investments, therefore we are able to advise on limited types of products and providers we offer a deal with. Please ask us for a list of providers that we use. This is based upon our understanding of the law of England & Wales and HMRC regulation and practice, both of which may be subject to future changes. (For residents of Scotland, Scottish Law and tax rates may be different)

What we do for you

With years of experience amongst our experts, we are qualified with helping in a wide variety of pension services. One of the biggest concerns we get from our clients is about creating the best and most suitable pension fund for the future and if this source of income will be sufficient for you. We also deal with other queries such pension sharing, offsetting and more. Any concerns that you may have, feel free to contact us to book a consultation